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I have just received my second-year university results and have failed most of my modules, which means I cannot continue into the third year. The realisation just hit me; I am about to lose my bursary.

I am taking you back to a time when I felt the word “Failure” at its worst. Have you ever failed at something in your life where you felt like you just wanted to climb into bed and sleep your life away because the pain of starting again was unbearable.
I remember laying in my bed and my mother being so worried that I have not come out of my room because I have been crying all day wishing it was all a dream. The word “failure” or “failing” is such a triggering word in a sense that it could cause you to give up on something you have seemly tried your best to succeed.
In the December holidays, I used the time to reflect. I remembered my mother’s words saying if you failed by 10 to 20 % then I can tell you to quit, but you failed in the 40%, meaning that there is still hope. So many things went through my mind; self-doubt and the fear of failing again. I thought to myself, do I have what it takes to go back and succeed?
In taking time to reflect, I discovered the reasons why I failed. Number 1: I didn’t know how to study. 2: I didn’t have a routine in place. 3: I was going through personal underlying issues such as anxiety, self-doubt, and the fear of failing that needed to be addressed. Lastly, I was also too scared to ask the lecturer questions when I did not understand the topic at hand. Although it was tough seeing my peers going into the third year, I had a goal in mind and that was to become a Chartered Accountant one day.
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You have the choice to decide if you are going to look at your failures as a setback or use it as a stepping stone to push you to achieve your goals no matter what it takes.

Reflecting on why you have failed is a painful yet beautiful learning experience. When I look back, I don’t think I would have changed anything within my university journey. My failures pushed me to grow personally and professionally in my career.

The word “failure” does not have to be a word that negatively impacts your life. Use the word “FAILURE” to “Fight using all of your “Abilities and “Insecurities” to “Lunge” into the “Rewards of your Exceptional Self.

Dealing with failure is a painful journey to embark on. However, once you pick yourself up, the road to success not only provides measurable lessons in your career path, but also teaches you how to come up with creative and innovative ways to succeed the next time you start again.




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